….. and lastly what an ending!! It sent chills down my spine.

Who do we have here? We have Stephanie, 25, who was in an abused relationship for 12 months, she decided to set herself free from the torture and the situation, and take the car and not much else and drive far away to another place, hopefully to start another life. On her way to goodness knows where, but just far enough away to feel safe, she decided to have some refreshments from an off the beaton track tearooms, with a broken down sign. She meets the owner, a friendly lady, Lynette. Both get on like a house on fire, this all started in the small village of Maleny, Queensland, where there is mountain air, friendly people, friendly faces (well almost), apart from Andrew that is.
Andrew has had problems of his own, so Lynette says. Small town, words whirl around. Andrew owns an antique place which is pretty handy as it sells second hand books, all of which are familiar to us readers. So this is quite interesting, why is Andrew acting in not a friendly manner? Where is all this leading to with Stephanie? Is she going to settle down in Maleny? and we are all thinking has Stepanie got rid of the abused boyfriend? A mystery is lurking with Lynette, I feel we are going to learn more about this mystery woman with the decrepit exterior tea rooms.
Firstly I want to thank Ellen Read for gifting me the ARC of, When Jacarandas Bloom. Which is *Now Published*

I loved Stephanie for her get up and go attitude, it takes some doing to fly caution to the wind and to just dive and drive right into another an unknown life. I noticed though she was being very cautious to who she was befriending.
You know what? Ellen’s books and writing improve as the years go by. Ellen’s writing flows so well, that reading is not an effort at all. This time we are in the picturesque, idyllic villages of Maleny and Montville in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Ellen has taken a subject that can be taboo, physical and emotional abuse, a very hard subject to breach and has turned it into the most beautiful prose. Known for her mystery writing Ellen adds her style to this story as she feeds us a mystery surrounding Lynette. If you think Stephanie is something, wait till you read about Lynette!! Top notch job as always with Ellen’s skills here and sometimes I wonder how she is going to pull it off with the next one she will write, but she does and always delivering to us a polished full proof book with plots that are so tight you wouldn’t be able to prise them apart and we are always left guessing the outcome. This is definitely a gripping novella that will have you reading into the wee small hours of the morning. Lastly what an ending!! It sent chills down my spine.
I congratulate Ellen on designing the book cover, which I thought striking with the white background. Kudos also goes to Platform House Publishing, (Becky Wright) for formatting the interior for both the paperback and the ebook. The Jacaranda Tree placed at each beginning of each chapter and breaks in the story gave it a feel that you were reading underneath it with the blooms a mass of purple and the purple carpet of petals beneath them.
Five Star Rating ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
The genres are – Womens Fiction, Contemporary Fiction, romance, feel-good, new beginnings. Also, this is definitely a Christmas time read.
When Jacarandas Bloom
Ellen Read

Novella – Pages 132
ISBN13 9798696237466
Can be purchased from Amazon.com

Ellen Read’s website https://ellenread.com/ for more books written by the author



Set in the picturesque, idyllic villages of Maleny and Montville in Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland.

Stephanie Page has one chance to escape her abusive partner and she takes it. By the end of the day, she finds herself on the top of a mountain range. Is it far enough away? Can she be safe here?

She’s drawn to a rundown tearoom, although she’s not sure why. The owner, Lynette, is cheerful and friendly, and Stephanie finds herself calling in most days. Lynette never has any other customers, so this allows them time to chat.

Lynette encourages Stephanie to visit an antiques and craft place owned and run by Andrew, the son of a friend of Lynette’s. Stephanie calls in. The place is a treasure trove of wonderful antiques and books, but she finds Andrew to be rude and unfriendly. She tells Lynette so. Lynette urges her to go another day and make the effort to befriend him.

Stephanie has just run away from one bad relationship. She doesn’t want another, and she doesn’t want to befriend a rude man.

From what Lynette says one day over a Devonshire tea, it sounds as if she and Andrew have had a relationship. Then Lynette disappears. When Stephanie mentions this to Andrew, he orders her out of his antiques place.

Things are not what they seem.

Hurt and confused, Stephanie comes to the conclusion that she won’t find happiness here. Is it time to move on again?

8 thoughts on “….. and lastly what an ending!! It sent chills down my spine.

  1. What a great review for an interesting sounding g book. You sold it me, especially as it’s a novella, my favourite type of reads.
    I shall schedule this to repost on my blog and to head over and get the book, on KU if it is on there, but if not, a purchase.


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